UNI e-Business Suite

UNI Timecard Reporting

UNI Time provides the University with electronic time entry for all employees including Academic Administrators, Faculty Institutional Officials, Merit, Professional and Scientific and student employees.  There are exceptions to this for some Facilities Management merit staff using a FAMIS job costing system and the student employees in the Department of Residence Dining area using a separate timeclock system.

  • Timecard Workflow

Once a timecard is completed and submitted, the workflow process electronically routes the timecard to the Supervisor or designated Timecard Approver for approval and and then to Payroll for processing. Payroll processes all approved timecards each Tuesday at 10 a.m. It is the employee and department's responsibility to verify weekly timecards are in an approved status by 10 a.m. each Tuesday.  

The workweek for all employees reporting time is Sunday through Saturday. Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Faculty and staff are paid monthly and will receive their pay the last working day of each month.


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt salaried P&S employees, calendar year Academic Administrators and Institutional Officials have exception reporting and record sick leave used, vacation taken, off duty, jury duty, holidays, etc. Each month an electronic timecard must be completed, even if the employee worked all month and has no exceptions to report.


United Faculty and academic year Academic Administrators accruing only sick leave submit an electronic timecard only in months with absences to report.


Merit system and non FLSA exempt P&S employees use positive reporting and complete weekly electronic timecards to record all hours worked, including overtime, comp time, sick leave used, vacation taken, holidays, etc.


Student employees record the start and stop times on their timecard and the timecard system calculates the total hours each day and for the week.


  • When to Submit a Timecard

Weekly timecards must be submitted and approved by 10 a.m. Tuesday following the end of the week. The best practice is to have weekly timecards submitted by end of the work week so the approver has time to review and approve the timecard prior to the first timeout, Monday at 5:00 pm.  See Time Out Schedules.


Monthly timecards should be submitted and approved the first week following the end of the month.  Timecards in an approved status by 10 a.m Tuesday will be processed by Payroll that Tuesday.


Timecards with time worked should NOT be submitted until the employee has completed their work week or month.