UNI e-Business Suite

Creating a Monthly Timecard


Creating a Monthly Timecard

 1.  Open a browswer and go to the UNI home page:  www.uni.edu

 2.  Select MyUNIverse on the UNI home page by clicking on Menu drop down and then MyUNIverse.

MyUNIverse menu drop down

 3.  Login to MyUNIverse.

 4.  Login to UNI e-Business Suite located on the Work @ UNI tab in the e-Business Resources section.

Work @ UNI

 5.  Enter your e-Business username and password.  

 6.  To access your timecard, you may have to enroll in Duo Authenication.

      To enroll in Duo, please follow the prompts, or visit:  https://mfa.uni.edu/enroll-your-account-duo for step-by-step instructions.  


 7.  Select UNI Employee Self Service.

 8.  Select UNI Time Management System.

UNI Employee Self Service UNI Time Management

 9.  Click on New Timecard or select My Recent Timecards to update a timecard in Working status and then select the correct assignment from the drop down menu if you have more than one assignment.  

new and recent timecards

assignment drop down menu

 10.  Select correct Time Period and click Create Timecard.

create timecard

 11.  Click on + sign on the day/days to enter hours on.

add hours to day

 12.  Enter correct hour types for day.  The list of hour types available will depend upon your assignment.  

hour types

 13.  Enter hours based on the hour type selected on the correct day(s).  Click Save each day until ready to submit timecard for approval.  

p&s monthly timecard

 14.  Once all hours are recorded for the month, click Save & Review for Submission.  

save and review for submission

 15.  Please review timecard before submitting for approval.

review submit or make changes

 16.  If changes, click Make Changes.  Make the changes and click on Save and Review for Submission again.  If no changes, click Submit Timecard.

submit timecard

 17.  Once submitted, timecard will be sent for approvals.  Click on View History to see histoy of timecard.  

view history

If you have any questions about creating a monthly timecard, please contact Business Operations at 319-273-2162 or email payroll@uni.edu.