UNI e-Business Suite

Hiring and Personnel Actions

The resources listed here are designed to provide departments with documentation and support for hiring employees and using forms to request that personal and job data changes be made in UNI e-Business Suite by Human Resource Services.

The PAF form is a web based application that is used for all personnel actions for all employees, except student employees. The PAF is completely automated so that once a PAF has been entered it will route electronically for approvals.

PAFs for faculty, academic administrators, institutional officials, Merit, P&S and graduate assistants are completed by individual departments. Department employing and departments funding the employee will approve the PAF.

PAF's do not have a time out period, like timecards and requisitions.

The PAF is used to hire new employees, change their rank or position title, alter their percent of time, change where an employee’s salary is charged, reappoint temporary employees, and end appointments.

Review PAF System Support webpage for stakeholder resources and view the PAF Approver instructions.

Detailed instructions for completing a PAF are available at this site. Questions about PAFs may be sent to paf-support@uni.edu  or contact Beth Kuehl at 3-3425.

Student employees are hired by completing the Student Employment Approval Form (SEAF). This is an electronic form that is completed and submitted by departments. Individuals can get access to the SEAF form by completing the User Access UNI Time and Self-Service Authorization Form found in the UNI forms repository.

Once the SEAF form is submitted the Office of Student Employment will review the form to ensure all paperwork is in place for the student's employment. Once Student Employment approves the SEAF the student employees will be setup with their employment assignment so they can complete their timecards.